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What is River Link?

River Link is the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoin, enabling you to transfer without the headache of invoices or public addresses. All you need to do is share your River-generated link with the recipient via the communication channel of your choice.

Why use River Link?

Before River Link, you would need to know a user’s Bitcoin address, Lightning invoice, LNURL-Pay, or Lightning address in order to send them Bitcoin. With River Link, all you need is to enter an amount and you are able to share the automatically generated River Link. This link can be shared with whoever you’d like in whatever way you’d like so that the Bitcoin you want to send can be claimed. River Link makes it easier than ever to send Bitcoin and can be leveraged for a number of different uses:

  • Paying someone in Bitcoin

  • Gifting Bitcoin to a loved one

  • Sending Bitcoin when you don’t have the receiver’s wallet information

  • Referring someone to River and helping them get started with their Bitcoin wealth

How does it work?

  1. You create a River Link for your Bitcoin send or Bitcoin gift using the River platform.

  2. You share the River Link URL with the receiver using the communication channel of your choice.

  3. The receiver visits the link to claim the Bitcoin and can deposit it in 3 different ways:

    • To an existing River account (no network fees)

    • To a new River account (no network fees)

    • To an external wallet of their choosing (network fees apply)

Please see this guide on how to send someone Bitcoin using River Link.